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Organic My Perfect Morning 2,7kg


2.7 kg
99.99€ pro bag of 2.7 kg

37.03€ Price pro kg

Product Description

„My Perfect Morning“ – Athletic Food – is a specially blended and balanced breakfast mixture for athletes and competitive sports people. Instead of repeating the word athletes in the same sentence. Constant demanding training means top athletes have to take special care of their bodies. Nutrition plays an important role in your success and requires particular attention. „My Perfect Morning“ will help you out! The low glycaemic index of many of its ingredients mean you feel full for longer – no more pangs of hunger in the morning! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is the basis for training or competitive success. Take time for it. Our breakfast mixture contains only plant-based and organically certified ingredients. Make sure that your diet is balanced throughout the rest of the day, made up of freshly prepared real foods with lots of vegetables and fruit, with a minimum of animal derived ingredients. Avoid fast food, packaged ready to eat foods and foods with E numbers, flavourings, colouring agents and other potentially harmful substances that can harm us. As a competitive athlete you should avoid foods of animal origin or eat only very small quantities of them, and then only organically certified animal derived foods without additives. Read which ingredients are contained in the foods you eat! These measures will help to optimise your performance levels! The content of this packet of „My Perfect Morning“ is sufficient for 30 – 90 portions


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