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Organic Full-Pulp-Cacao Beans (skin and meat-on)

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Product Description

Superfood, the gold of the Aztecs, whole cocoa beans with fruit pulp very fruity/bitter taste, contain even more valuable substances, first-class pure quality, vegan, raw food.

Our row organic Cacao beans with pulp are:

  • a real taste sensation
  • Superfood quality
  • 100% nature
  • High level of quality
  • Undergo several controls
  • improve our mood


Cocoa beans contain up to 300 different substances.  The most important are B vitamins, minerals such as magnesium and zinc, antioxidants such as polyphenol, fibre and unsaturated fatty acids [1].

Numerous studies have shown that eating cocoa has additional health benefits.

For example:

  • improves the mood,
  • improve concentration,
  • positive effects on the cardiovascular system,
  • positive effects on the nervous system,
  • positive effects on the lymphatic system,
  • positive effects on the hormonal system,
  • positive effects on the immune system
  • reduces blood pressure
  • regulates cholesterol levels [2]

Aztec and Maya peoples called the cocoa bean „brown gold“, prizing it as a food and means of payment. Cocoa was considered to be holy, offered as a sacrifice to the “feathered snake” god. During the 17th century, the cocoa bean was a luxury throughout Europe.


Our organic cocoa beans with fruit pulp have a bitter, yet fruity flavour irresistible to cocoa fans. The beans’ fruit pulp tastes exotic and fruity – a perfect complement to the more bitter flavour of the cocoa beans. The cocoa beans are very crunchy on the inside, and this is contrasted by the soft fruit pulp covering them.


We source our organic cocoa beans with pulp from Sri Lanka. Large parts of the region have been certified for organic cultivation and are worked by the farmers living there. The local farmers make a personal contribution each day towards maintaining the natural balance by growing crops in accordance with organic criteria.

The processing steps are carried out carefully by hand in extremely hygienic conditions. This ensures that the dried organic cocoa beans are of excellent quality and all important substances, vitamins and the full flavour are retained.


The cocoa fruit’s thick outer skin is carefully halved and the cocoa beans inside are cut out of the fruit together with the pulp surrounding them. The bitter compounds are lost during fermentation. The beans then undergo a gentle drying process, during which their brown colour and flavour determining polyphenols develop. As they are not roasted, our raw, peeled (skinned) cocoa beans are of raw food quality. The beans are sorted by hand with the utmost care several times before being chopped.


[1] DEBInet Deutsches Ernährungsberatungs- und Informationsnetz

[2] Wikipedia Kakao / Cacao

The ultimate exotic snack, full of nutrition, with a bitter, yet fruity cocoa taste. The superb quality of these cocoa beans is brought out when eaten on their own.

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