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Organic FAIRTRADE Cacao Butter Drops


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Product Description

Brief description:

Mild, creamy Fairtrade cocoa butter, with a pleasant cocoa aroma.

Our organic Cocoa Butter drops are:

  • smooth
  • 100% nature
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% organic and fairtrade
  • gently produced
  • 100% unhydrogenated
  • top quality
  • undergo several controls

Vital substances:

Cocoa butter is the fat contained in cocoa beans. When the whole cocoa beans are pressed, the fat flows out.  Cocoa butter is 100% vegan, with a slightly sweet cocoa aroma and cocoa taste. The colour is pale to light yellow and has a fairly low melting point, between 30 – 38° degrees Celsius.


Our creamy organic cocoa butter has a soft taste and appealing fragrance. The drops are ideal for using in recipes, as they’re easy to portion. As our organic Fairtrade cocoa butter has an eco-label, it offers you additional benefits such as full flavor, a naturally good feeling, 100% natural, minimal use of chemicals, fair dealings, sustainable, GMO free, protects the environment, protects the climate and transparent production processes.

The drops have a firm consistency.


We source our organic fairtrade cocoa butter drops from Peru. They are produced there using gentle methods and applying the highest standards. The cocoa beans are sourced from throughout Peru and are gathered by various small farmers´ groups. Thanks to extensive organic and Fairtrade activities, the farmers were able to learn a great deal during the past few years, and many useful projects were realised, such as equipping schools and playgrounds.


The fruits of the cocoa tree are harvested by hand, after which the cocoa beans are removed from the fruit and fermented. The bitter compounds are lost during fermentation. The beans then undergo a gentle drying process, during which their brown colour and flavour determining polyphenols develop. The beans are sorted and controlled several times. The cocoa butter is produced by cold pressing the raw, peeled (skinned) cocoa beans.

The cocoa butter is carefully processed in extremely hygienic conditions, ensuring its high quality.


Organic ingredient: Cocoa butter drops from 100% Cocoa°

° Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Total 100%.

 Sources: [1] Wikipedia Kakaobutter / Cacao butter


We recommend our creamy Fairtrade cocoa butter drops for making all kinds of chocolate, bars, glazes and coatings. Our cocoa butter drops are very handy and easy to portion. By purchasing our cocoa butter, you not only give your taste buds a special treat, but also help to support many projects, to make our world a better place.

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