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Organic Austrian Pumpkin Seeds


0.700 kg
13.93€ Box Price 1.99€ pro 1 item (7 in box)

19.90€ Price pro kg

0.1 kg
2.99€ pro bag of 0.1 kg

29.90€ Price pro kg

0.5 kg
8.49€ pro bag of 0.5 kg

16.98€ Price pro kg

1 kg
14.99€ pro bag of 1 kg

14.99€ Price pro kg

Product Description

Our extra large, dark green pumpkin seeds are grown, cleaned and packed exclusively and 100% in Austria. Short transport routes from the field to our processing, with associated positive CO² environmental balance, promotion and appreciation of the domestic and regional products. Our organic pumpkin seeds taste particularly aromatic nutty.


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