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Golden Camelina oil


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Also known as the oil of the Celts, gently cold pressed, full of omega 3, rich flavour, goes well with lentils, excellent quality, raw food, vegan, the seeds for this delicious oil as well as the production are 100% Austrian. All our oils are carefully cold-pressed and slowly filtered.

Product Description

Our organic Austrian Golden Pleasure (Camelina) Oil is:
•very rare traditional product
•gently cold pressed
•slowly filtered
•100% Austrian origin
•origin is guaranteed
•from controlled organic cultivation
•carefully processed and
•gently cold pressed
•checked several times
•rich in omega 3 omega
•raw food

Vital substances:
The oil content of organic camelina sativa seeds is around 35%, with high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, which in turn contain large amounts of valuable, high-quality omega 3 linoleic acid [1].

The omega 3 fatty acid (DHA, linoleic acid) is an essential fatty acid vital to health. The human body cannot produce this on its own, but requires it for a variety of functions. Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure, as well as alleviating inflammation [1].

Unsaturated fatty acids and omega acids play an important role in a balanced diet.

The seeds for this delicious oil as well as the production are 100% Austrian. We know all our organic farmers personally, 100% traceability to the field for each bottle! All our oils are carefully cold-pressed and slowly filtered. Try and you will fall in love!

Camelina oil, also known as the oil of the Celts, was one of the first oils made by our Celtic ancestors thousands of years ago. The oil was held in great esteem for its versatility of use and rich flavour.
Our cold pressed organic camelina oil has a very delicate, intensive taste and is golden yellow in colour.

All our oils are obtained by a gentle cold pressing procedure. For this product, seeds from the camelina plant are used.

Origin and Production:
We know all our organic contract farmers personally!
We revived the ancient oil-making traditions of our forefathers, and have been promoting cultivation of organic camelina sativa in Austria for many years.
Organic farmers use the camelina as a supporting plant for our Austrian organic lentils, since it protects plants from being choked by weeds. Organic camelina oil is an excellent match for all types of lentils used in cooking!
By purchasing this organic product, you support Austrian organic farming in a sustainable fashion, and also environmental protection: short transport routes, clearly traceable origins!
The purity of our Golden Pleasure (Camelina) oil is guaranteed by strict quality standards and the very close ties that we have to our farmers!
Customers and consumers can be sure that the product delivers on its promises.


[1] Wikipedia Leindotter / Leindotteröl / Camelina sativa

Add our organic linseed oil to salads and lots of other delicious cold, vegetarian and vegan dishes. The oil goes very well with all organic dishes with linseed! Our organic linseed oil is gently cold pressed, making it unsuitable for frying and roasting. Note: after opening, store the oil in the refrigerator. +++ Store in a cool dry place. + After opening, we recommend storing the oil in the refrigerator. When refrigerated, the oil can become cloudy or flakes may form. This is perfectly normal in natural, cold pressed oils and does not mean that quality is impaired.
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