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Organic whole Cashew Kernels

17.50€ per 1 kg

19.99€ per 1 kg(22.68 kg per box)

Box price 453.37€

460.00€ per 1 kg(0.5 kg per box)

Box price 230.00€

17.50€ per 1 kg(0.2 kg per box)

Box price 3.50€

Product Description

Whole cashews, very soft and nutty flavour, source of minerals, top quality, very aromatic and tasty, Fairtrade.

Product Description

Our organic Cashews are:

• Pleasantly aromatic
• 100% nature
• High level of quality
• Undergo several controls
• good source of minerals

Cashew nuts contain high levels of magnesium, phosphorous, manganese and copper. Magnesium is an essential mineral. Cashews also provide the body with vitamin E, vitamin B1, niacin, iron and zinc.
The essential amino acid tryptophan contained in the nuts, converted by the body into serotonin and melatonin, helps to promote inner calmness, tranquility and satisfaction [1 and 2].

The name „cashew“ is a Tupi Indian word, used to denote the acajou tree or kidney-shaped tree, since the end of the fruit is similar to a kidney in shape. The actual cashew apple is consumed only in a few countries, as it has a very tart, bitter flavour which some people dislike. People of all ages love cashews because of their soft, mild nutty flavour.


Our organic Fairtrade cashews are very tasty and aromatic. They have a pleasantly soft, yet crunchy consistency, just the way they should be. The cashew pieces are very pale to beige in colour.

The cashew apple is a pear or paprika shaped stone fruit growing up to 10 cm in size. When ripe, the fruit turns yellowish orange to red. The cashew nut, (which is really a seed) is located at the end of the cashew apple. There is only one seed on each cashew apple and this is the primary reason for the product’s high price worldwide.

Enjoy the unique taste of this extra special nut, perfect as a vegetarian snack for in between meals. Our delicious organic cashews are ideal for mixing with other nuts and dried fruits, using as an ingredient in fruit and nut bars or chocolate, in pesto or a number of Asian dishes and desserts. Cashews give foods that “certain something”.

Tip: Toast our organic cashews briefly in a pan before using without adding any

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