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Organic Nut and Fruit Mix

Enjoyment in harmony with nature!

Product Description

All ingredients are:

  • 100% organic
  • 100% nature
  • in premium quality
  • without preserving agents
  • without any sweetener
  • without colouring agents or other natural additives
  • naturell vegan

Organic or conventional foods? Organic, of course, because they mean health!

Organic is:

  1. full flavour
  2. a naturally good feeling
  3. 100% natural
  4. minimal use of chemicals
  5. fair dealings
  6. sustainable
  7. GMO free
  8. protects the environment
  9. protects the climate
  10. transparent production processes

That’s why we recommend organic products when possible, everywhere and at any time!


This selection of exquisite organic fruits and nuts is pleasantly sweet, fruity and aromatic nutty, all at the same time! The individual ingredients go very well with each other. We recommend combining 2 or 3 different ones in snacks, as the combination of flavours is very enjoyable and delicious.

Origin and Production:

All the ingredients are of a very high organic quality.

We source many of the organic ingredients exclusively from wild collections in Uzbekistan/ Samarkand.

Large parts of the region are a completely wild area. This part is certified for organic farming and are worked by the local organic farmers at harvesting time only. The farmers in this area have complied with organic cultivation criteria for many years and are proud of their contribution towards sustaining the natural balance.

We insist on the highest quality for all our ingredients, and source the ingredients only from selected suppliers we have been doing business with for many years.

By purchasing this organic product, you support and contribute towards organic agriculture and environmental protection = one good deed every day!

All ingredients are pressure treated and if possible laser cleaned in our production in Austria. During the pressure process, the combination of pressure and time ensures that the product is completely free of pests. When undergoing several rounds of cleansing in the laser cleaning facility afterwards, the products are checked individually to make sure they contain no impurities.

We then check the ingredients once again, select individual ingredients and gently mix them, ensuring that breakage is kept to a minimum.

Dried Organic ingredients:  Cranberries (cranberries, cane sugar, sunflower oil), dates halves, fig strips, crunchy apple rings, hazelnuts, almonds.

As the mix is a purely natural product, the proportions of the ingredients may vary.


Our unique organic nut and fruit mix is an ideal delicious snack at any time of the day. Go ahead and treat yourself to this fruity, sweet mix, on its own or in muesli in the morning, in a midday dessert or with tea in the evening. If you feel like having a snack in between meals, our fruity sweet nut/fruit mix is just the thing.

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