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Organic Jackfruit powder

499.90€ per bag of 10 kg49.99€ price per kilo

(10 kg "per bag")

17.49€ per bag of 250 gr 69.96€ price per

54.99€ per bag of 1 kg 54.99€ price per kilo

Product Description

Tropically aromatic, exotic and fruity, very sweet and soft, from India. Vegan, raw food, gently dried. Perfect for superfood smoothies, shakes and drinks.

Product Description
Our Jack fruits crunchy are:

•100%pure and natural
• gently processed
• vegan
• raw food

• unoiled
• no artificial additives
• no preserving agents
• no sweeteners
• no colouring agents

Vital substances:

Our crunchy jackfruit contain the same nutrients and vital substances as the fresh fruits, only in a concentrated form. This makes them an even better, and above all healthy source of vital substances. The natural world makes it possible for the fruits to give us this nutritional bounty. Dried jackfruit are particularly rich in magnesium and vitamins B1, B6 and C [1 and 2].


This huge fruit from the tropics has a very exotic, aromatic and fruity taste, and is very sweet. Jack fruit flesh is bright pale yellow or pale orange.

Did you know?

The jack fruit is also called the fruit of the common man. The fruit is not lacking in stature, though, as it can grow to a weight of up to 30 kg, making it the second largest fruit after the pumpkin. The jack fruit is said to increase potency and is very popular amongst men for this reason. It’s also reported to aid the digestion. Ripe fruits tend to have an unusual smell, but no traces of this remain in the dried jack fruit.

Origin and Production:

We source our jackfruits from India. The jack fruits are growing in the hilly elevated areas of Western Ghats.

Ingredients: Durian Jack Fruit freeze dried


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