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Organic Amla powder

99.95€ per bag of 5 kg19.99€ price per kilo

(5 kg "per bag")

9.99€ per bag of 250 gr 39.96€ price per

24.99€ per bag of 1 kg 24.99€ price per kilo

Indian fruit powder, a well-known ingredient in ayurvedic medicine.

Product Description

Our organic Amla powder is:

  • 100% purely natural powder
  • gently processed
  • naturally vegan
  • without artificial or natural additives
  • no preserving agents
  • no sweeteners
  • no colouring agents

Vital substances:

The amla berry, or Indian gooseberry, as it’s also known, has been the subject of several tests, mostly conducted using clinical criteria.

The amla fruit is reputed to have antiviral and antimicrobial properties. It is also said to increase blood pressure and heart frequency. Oedemas were able to be reduced during tests, and the fruit was found to have antidepressant effects. These tests were carried out on animals, but on the whole we distance ourselves from animal experiments, even though we mention the results here!

The amla fruit is also used in cases of acne, gallstones, high cholesterol levels, cancer, overweight, diarrhoea, diabetes and disorders of the eyes, joints and arteries. Hair feels nicer and stronger after being treated with amla powder. Vitamin C contained in the amla fruits is the source of many of these benefits.


Our Amla powder has produced from thoroughly cleaned Indian gooseberries. The taste is sour, slightly bitter and astringent. The powder has a pourable consistency and is ideal for processing.

Origin and Production:

Our powder is of the finest quality!

We source our organic Amla powder from India. These alma berries are cultivated in regions certified for organic farming. After harvesting the Amla berries are cleaned, sliced, dried and finally the powder is carefully processed from the dried berries, in extremely hygienic conditions, ensuring its high quality.

Product purity:

The Amla powder is pressure treated and controlled in Austria. During the pressure process, the combination of pressure and time ensures that the product is completely free of pests.

Organic ingredients:  Amla Powder

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We recommend our organic Amla powder especially as an ingredient when you want to add some vitality to your dishes, especially in yoghurt, desserts or in ice cream. It is also very suited for making refreshing, energising beverages or for adding to smoothies, shakes and for all your deliciously creamy recipes. You could also try making an amla shake to drink during the morning.

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