Enjoyment with a good conscience

We guarantee that our organic products meet the highest quality and FAIRTRADE standards and at the same time provide pure palatable Indulgence. By selecting our small farmer groups using strict criteria, we have close personal relationships with them, wherever they are on the planet. Long-term sustainable relations, with direct regular contact with our partners, coupled with the perfect climate and soil conditions guarantee the best ingredients and variety of our product range. Each of our products is fully traceable from the field to our consumers. Social responsibility, organic agriculture and humane fair trade are our corner stones for a sustainable contribution for improving living and working conditions as well as respecting our planet. We only deal with premium high quality products, agreeing a fair price, whilst observing a shared global responsibility. „Through your trust in us and your conscious decision to trade with us, you are guaranteeing and securing the sustainable basis of the lives of our producer groups.“ The Bertagnoli family has its roots in agriculture in Italy and Austria and was involved over generations in the milling and hulling business, adding value to and marketing agricultural products. Lemberona‘s current director, Elmira Bertagnoli, an Austro-Uzbek, has master-minded the company‘s development and expansion to a globally acting organic and FAIRTRADE company. Through her very own roots and understanding of cultures and belonging to the ethnic minority of the Crimean Tatars, she brings a great deal of sensitivity for the needs and concerns of the organic small farmers and their living conditions. It is the application of this family fair principle with our producers that distinguishes Lemberona from others and makes our products so valuable. „Innovation to us means: Through steady and close contact to our producer partners, many new ideas are born and fair products created as well as resource-saving innovations in production and processing.Because he who stops and stands still cannot develop further.“